Saddle Creek
6 acre ·  Property Redevelopment · Boulder, Colorado

The Saddle Creek project is the redevelopment of the 6 acre Silver Saddle Motel property in Boulder Colorado. The property is a spectacular site on Boulder Creek in Boulder canyon. The property was unanimously recommended for annexation by the Boulder City planning commission and unanimously approved for annexation by the Boulder City Council in June, 2017.

The process of annexation took three years and the exploration of numerous site plans and site densities with the city staff. One of the key elements of the annexation is the provision of affordable housing. The final plan allows for the construction of up to 54 dwelling units of which 45% will be permanently affordable, for sale, housing. The homes will be primarily duplex units with up to 2,200 square feet of floor area per unit. The affordable units will be primarily directed to middle income families. One of the key elements of successfully navigating the process was the creation of a joint application with the adjacent property owner which allowed the City to view the two sites collectively. The adjacent owner is the September School, a private high school providing outstanding alternative learning since 1975.

We are now commencing the site plan approval process which is focused on the final plans for the grading and site improvements and the architecture of the units. Our goal is to begin site grading toward the end of the year and to commence construction on the homes in the Spring of 2018.