Meadowlark Business Park
37 acre ·  Small Lot · Industrial Park · Frederick, Colorado

The Meadowlark Business Park is a 37 acre, small lot, industrial park in Frederick, Colorado. The platting of the park, for 16 lots, is complete and an Urban Renewal Area authorizing Tax Increment Financing has been awarded. The infrastructure for 8 lots was completed in the fall of 2016. The first building in the project is leased to 5280 Stone Company, a stone countertop manufacturer. The building is 9,800 square feet on 1.5 acres with a fenced yard. The building has a two story office structure in one corner of the building.

Of the remaining 7 lots two were sold to small businesses for the construction of new facilities. A new building on two lots is being constructed by Baker Builders for lease by Baker Builders. Two lots are under contract for sale to GRC consulting, a grading and excavating contractor. The last lot is being pre-sold with a 6,500 square foot building to a small business relocating from Denver.

We expect to commence the infrastructure improvements on the remaining 7 lots of the project subsequent to the sale of the GRC lots. All infrastructure costs will be reimbursed buy a loan which is paid exclusively from property taxes collected by the Urban Renewal Area.