McDonald Development Team

Curtis McDonald

mcDonald Development

Curtis McDonald worked in his teens as a carpenter on his father’s crews and learned construction from the ground up. For the last 30 years he has been an active real estate developer developing large scale retail developments, multifamily residential and residential projects. He has also been active in land development. Since 2012 he has been focused on the northern Colorado market including Boulder. He is developing Industrial parks, building spec industrial buildings, and developing multifamily residential, residential, and retail projects.

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Baker Builders

Baker builders constructs all of the industrial buildings in the Meadowlark Business Park and the Eagle Business Park. Baker will also be principally involved in the residential construction in the Berthoud, Centennial Farm and Boulder, Saddle Creek projects.

Surround Architects

Surround is taking the lead in the architectural design, design guidelines and site planning for the Saddle Creek project in Boulder.


SopherSparn played a principal role in securing the annexation of the Saddle Creek property into the City of Boulder.

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Rocky Ridge Civil Engineering

Rocky Ridge Civil provides platting, site planning and civil engineering for the Eagle Business Park, Meadowlark Business Park and the Centennial Farm project in Berthoud.

Creative West Architects

Creative West played a central role in the Town of Eagle townhouse project as well as providing general design and planning consulting.

Olsen Performance Team

Olsen Performance provides design and structural engineering services and well as civil engineering consulting for the industrial projects.

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Valerie Gangas

Valerie Gangas heads up the marketing and sales for all of our projects. 

Sanitas Group

The Sanitas Group is providing all of the civil engineering work for the Saddle Creek project in Boulder.